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Keep Your Faculty, Students, and Staff Safe

With all of the students and faculty coming and going, there are many surfaces that are touched thousands of times a day. What is left behind can get other people sick, and regular cleaning might leave some viruses and bacteria behind. Our solution of UVC energy is a wavelength range of Ultraviolet energy that when lit reflects rays on all surfaces. When these rays of UVC light hit it damages cellular DNA and viruses RNA. This biological damage inactivates the cell by preventing replication and therefore infection capability.

Traditional, manual cleaning protocols are often insufficient in stopping the spread of pathogens and leave room for error in technique and chemical application. With the use of smart technology, the Infection Prevention Technologies’ portfolio ensures the correct germicidal dose is thoroughly delivered to all surfaces.

Student, Staff and Faculty Safety
Reduce Class Cancellations
Efficient Cleaning Protocol
Struggles Colleges and Universities Face

With thousands of students, staff, faculty, and visitors walking through all areas of a college or university campus, it makes it difficult to keep all areas clean. If an infectious case were to break out on campus it is essential that the area is sanitized and disinfected as soon as possible using a method of disinfection to provide safety assurance. It is also challenging for janitors and cleaning staff due to the large scale campus that needs to be cleaned regularly.

Shorter Run-Times
  • Highest single emitter UVC dose
Higher Room Throughput
  • Faster cycles equals more rooms in less time
Smart Cycle UVC
  • Field Balance and PowerBoost UV Technology
Smart Dosage
  • Our UVC devices know the proper run time for any room taking out the guesswork or possibility for human error
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