Daycares and K-12 Schools
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Create a Safe Environment for Staff and Children

Children can carry more germs than adults because they do not wash their hands as well or as often. Items in these rooms are touched non-stop by different children all day and bacteria and viruses can be left behind by regular cleaning techniques. Our solution of UVC energy is a wavelength range of Ultraviolet energy that when lit reflects rays on all surfaces. When these rays of UVC light hit it damages cellular DNA and viruses RNA. This biological damage inactivates the cell by preventing replication and therefore infection capability.

Traditional, manual cleaning protocols are often insufficient in stopping the spread of pathogens and leave room for error in technique and chemical application. With the use of smart technology, the Infection Prevention Technologies’ portfolio ensures the correct germicidal dose is thoroughly delivered to all surfaces.

Staff Wellness
Safe Environment for Children
Reduce Spread of Germs
Challenges in Daycares and K-12 Systems

Children explore their surroundings by touching – everything. With limited hours in the day, it makes it difficult to keep all areas clean especially watching 20+ children at the same time! If a highly contagious virus were to breakout such as strep throat, it is essential that the area is sanitized and disinfected as soon as possible to prevent additional cases and spreading.

Shorter Disinfection Times
  • Higher room throughput
  • Add another level of disinfection after the janitorial staff cleans a room
More Effective Disinfections
  • Higher pathogen kill rate
  • Leads to greater reduction of risk
Whole Room Disinfections
  • Includes shadowed surfaces
  • Disinfects all room surfaces
One-Step Total Disinfection
  • Single-cycle treatments
  • Lower labor costs and cleaning agent costs
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