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Provide Safe and Clean Travel for All

So many people use Public Transportation every day and leave behind debris on all sorts of surfaces. Traditional, manual cleaning protocols are often insufficient in stopping the spread of pathogens and leave room for error in technique and chemical application. Our solution of UVC energy is a wavelength range of Ultraviolet energy that when lit reflects rays on all surfaces. When these rays of UVC light hit it damages cellular DNA and viruses RNA. This biological damage inactivates the cell by preventing replication and therefore infection capability. Overall, it will leave surfaces cleaner for future riders and employees.

Safe Travel
Efficient Cleaning Turnover
Reduce Spread of Germs
Challenges in Public Transportation

Shuttle buses, airplanes, subways are only a few types of public transportation that interact with hundreds to thousands of people each day.  You never know what a person will carry and pass on during their travels. Our UVC devices disinfect to a higher level than cleaning alone, making the 2280 an ideal addition to your regular disinfecting process. Placing our multi-emitter solution in multiple sections in the transportation area will complete single-cycle whole-room disinfection in as little as 20 minutes.

Shorter Disinfection Times
  • Higher room throughput
  • Add another level of disinfection after the janitorial staff cleans a room
More Effective Disinfections
  • Higher pathogen kill rate
  • Leads to greater reduction of risk
Whole Room Disinfections
  • Includes shadowed surfaces
  • Disinfects all room surfaces
One-Step Total Disinfection
  • Single-cycle treatments
  • Lower labor costs and cleaning agent costs
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