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Are You Investing in OR Tech That Will Thrive in the Face of Technological Evolution?
  • Written By
    Rebecca Kinney
  • Published
    October 26, 2023

The significance of adopting technology that keeps pace with the latest advancements and has the versatility to adapt to future technological breakthroughs.

Are You Investing in OR Tech That Will Thrive in the Face of Technological Evolution?

In the fast-paced realm of healthcare, staying at the forefront of technology is a pivotal strategy for delivering the highest level of patient care. The operating room (OR) is the hospital’s hub for cutting-edge medical procedures, and the technology used within its walls can make or break the patient experience. That said, we know that capital equipment approvals can take months (if not years) to get the sign-off on, and how would you feel if you finally got that long-sought device or technology in-house, only to discover that within a year or two, the coveted piece of technology will no longer be compatible with your systems? In this write-up, we want to visit your video integration technology. We will explore the significance of adopting technology that keeps pace with the latest advancements and has the versatility to adapt to future technological breakthroughs.

The Evolution of Healthcare Technology:

As technology continues to advance exponentially, so does its influence on healthcare. In the realm of surgery and patient care, innovative devices and sophisticated data management systems have become instrumental in delivering better outcomes. The ability to adapt to these constant advancements is essential for healthcare facilities, and technology plays a pivotal role in facilitating these adaptations.

The Ideal Video Integration System: Built for the Future Digitally Interconnected OR

When your operating room invests in video integration system technology, it is crucial to ensure that it exhibits several key features:

  1. Resolution and Scalability: An ideal system should be capable of adapting to higher resolutions and evolving video standards. It must accommodate the increasing demand for clarity and precision, such as the shift from 4K to 8K and beyond.
  2. Flexibility in Placement: A forward-thinking integration system should be designed with a small footprint, ensuring it can be placed inside or outside the operating room effortlessly. This installation flexibility allows facilities to optimize their space and workflow, supporting efficient surgical procedures.
  3. Vendor-Neutral Approach: When your operating room invests in video integration technology, it should offer a vendor-neutral design. This approach frees healthcare facilities from vendor lock-in, providing the freedom to select device manufacturers that align with the specific needs of each surgical team. Vendor neutrality is instrumental in fostering adaptability and customization, which is vital based on surgeon preferences or factors such as preferred vendors and contract status within your healthcare systems.

A Seamless Workflow:

Your ideal video integration system should cater to future advancements and enhance the current surgical workflow. If your system is effective, it will help to elevate communication and collaboration within the OR, and the correct system should facilitate these processes. Smooth and efficient surgeries ensure better patient outcomes and help the OR stay on the cutting edge of healthcare innovation.

Long-Term Investment in Patient Care:

When your operating room invests in a large capital purchase, such as a video integration system, it is a long-term investment for your OR and, ultimately, your patients. It is a testament to your facility’s commitment to providing the highest quality care, both in the present and the years to come. Future-proofed technology ensures that the OR remains adaptable and ready to embrace emerging advancements.

The blueprint for an ideal OR video integration system looks different for every facility, but we believe it combines future-proof design, flexibility, and vendor neutrality. When your operating room invests in its technology, it’s about embracing advancements, meeting your surgeon’s specific needs, and feeling confident that your investment will be a long-term one that stands the test of technological advancements. Your facility should be assured that significant capital investments won’t be relevant today and will be obsolete tomorrow.

Meet one of our newest advancements in video integration systems, the SkyVision Ascend Platform, including our latest release, the Ascend IP. The Ascend IP is built specifically with every factor mentioned above in mind.

Our SkyVision video integration systems consist of three different options depending on your facility’s needs: SkyVision Ascend, SkyVision Ascend IP, and SkyVision Ascend Eco. Each system works alongside staff to improve surgical workflow, leveraging technology for high performance and efficiency.

Each technological advancement we make is made with you and your patient’s future in mind.  At the core of what we do here at Skytron, we will provide you with superior and innovative solutions that support your facility for the long haul.