Warming Cabinets

Long Life, High Quality, Accurate Temperatures
Accelerate patient recovery time and reduce surgical site infections by maintaining normothermia from admission to discharge. Designed to thoroughly heat and maintain IV fluids, irrigation fluids, and blankets to healthcare or manufacturer temperature guidelines, Skytron’s broad range of warming cabinet configurations also meet storage, space, and application requirements throughout a facility.
Simplify tasks and enhance convenience with choices of remote temperature monitoring, touch screen control, or glass doors for visualization.
600x505 CL Single Chamber WC 600x505
801x852 CL Warming Cabinet
CL Warming Cabinet Touchscreen 600x505
600x505 CL Warming Cabinets together 600 x 505
Increased Surgical Specialties
Better Patient Outcomes
Maintain accurate temperatures with our robust magnetic closure system while perforated shelves enhance airflow to ensure contents are equally warmed.
Cost Effective
Low Cost of Ownership
Premium components assure optimal performance for the life cycle of the warmer.