We Offer Solutions to Help Make Your Sterile Processing Department More Efficient

Processing Sinks

The Perfect Height-Adjustable Solution For a Busy Processing Department
Our height-adjustable processing sinks complement your disinfection processes and offer either right-to-left or left-to-right workflow capabilities. We offer single, dual, or triple basins to fit your exact needs.

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Flex Ultrasonic Washer Disinfector

Load, Start, Clean, Repeat
The Skytron Flex Ultrasonic Washer was designed with versatility and throughput in mind. This surgical instrument washer-disinfector can process large loads with non-proprietary trays, and run mixed loads of cannulated, non-cannulated, and robotic instruments.

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Sterling Washer-Disinfectors

Setting the Standard for Sterile Processing
The Skytron Sterling washer disinfector series streamlines and automates the decontamination process of surgical instruments. With unsurpassed efficiency and flexibility, the Skytron Sterling washers reduce utility consumption and maximize usable floor space.

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Prep & Pack Workstations

Brilliant Healthcare Solutions
Standing in one position for hours on end, or using a workstation designed for someone else, can lead to uncomfortable neck or back pain and unsatisfied employees. Put your facility’s well-being in mind, and choose a Prep & Pack table that easily adjusts to the various physical attributes and requirements of the human body – ultimately achieving better health and employee longevity.

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Integrity Sterilizers

Increased Throughput, Higher Productivity
Skytron is the first in the market to offer an integrated water conservation system, reducing water consumption by 35% to 65%. Also, process up to two times more than the competition in a smaller footprint. We offer three different sizes of Skytron Integrity Sterilizers so we can outfit your Sterile Processing Department with exactly what you need.

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Essential Stainless

Upgrade Your Sterile Processing Department
We offer very durable and high-quality stainless steel products to help sterile processing departments accomplish their day-to-day objectives.

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