Clinical Business Intelligence

SkyVision Ascend

Prepare Your OR Technology for Today and Tomorrow
Keeping your equipment up to date with the latest technology is important for your operating room to run smoothly. The SkyVision Ascend’s future-proof design allows for more input and output routing, keeping track of data and analytics, and more. The Ascend native 4k video integration system works alongside staff to improve surgical workflow and keeping you prepared for future advancements in technology.
700x730 Ascend 1
700x730 Ascend 2
700x730 Ascend and Power Supply Stacked
700x730 Ascend 2
Monitor And Report
Future Proof
Technology is constantly advancing, Ascend is designed to live up to those progressions like 8K Video Signals.
Flexible Installation
Flexibility to place the unit in or outside of the operating room with Ascend’s small footprint
Vendor Neutral
Vendor Neutral
Vendor Neutral design provides freedom to choose the video and imaging vendor for each surgical team