LED Exam Light
You don't expect an examination light to have the same shadow control as an OR light, but that is exactly what the Spectra offers. Providing consistent, high-quality light to support the best visualization of any site the caregiver needs. This exam light solution brings flexibility and ease to the task at hand with the vast options as a wall mount or light stand.
Close up shot of Skytron's Spectra Examination lighthead
Skytron Spectra exam light on a stand next to near patient bed
Skytron Spectra exam light on a wall mount
Skytron Spectra exam light on stand
Energy Efficient
Energy Efficient
LED Technology helps drive down energy use.
Exceptional Visibility
Provides brilliant, white light homogeneous spot size of 6 inches.
Vertically Segmented Reflector Design
Surgical Light Technology in an Exam Light
Reflection eliminates glare produced by traditional direct lighting technologies.