6302 Elite

Value-Driven Efficiency for Every Procedure
The 6302 Elite surgical table provides up to 210° top rotation, allowing you to easily maneuver your patient according to imaging requirements, anesthesia access and positioning preferences. This rotation eliminates the need to reverse the patient on the table, thereby improving patient and staff safety in the OR. Unlike other top rotation tables available in today’s market, the 6302’s surface turns independently of the table base, giving you maximum foot room and imaging access.
615x517 CL 6302 Elite (2)600 x 505
470x500 CL 6302 Elite 470x500
Value Driven Design
Unsurpassed Value
With efficient operation and market-leading reliability, the 6302 Elite will continue to deliver unsurpassed value long after the initial purchase.
Versatile Positioning Options
Versatile Positioning Options
The patient can seamlessly transition between the anesthesiologist and surgeon during head-end procedures.
Efficient Top Rotation210
Accommodates Imaging Requirements With Ease
Offering exclusive top rotation with an efficient design, the 6302 Elite will bring enduring value to any operating room. It’s 210° table top rotation offers simple and quick setup.