Body Support

Get greater positioning, functionality, and efficiency that covers the spectrum of your clinical needs with our vast selection of accessories and positioning devices. Your operating room will be equipped to handle any procedure safely and reliably when the right accessories are combined with your surgical table.
600x505 CL Body Support Cover
Beach Chair Surgical Table Accessory

Simplified Shoulder Surgery Positioning With the Skytron Beach Chair.

Reduce setup times with Skytron Beach Chairs. They are lightweight, easy to install, and increase patient safety. Adjustments to the chair are as simple as pressing a button on your pendant control. This accessory supports up to 600 lb. patients and is compatible with Skytron 3600 and 6700 series tables.

540x620 CL Beach Chair
Beach Chair
P/N 3-040-32
540x620 CL EZ-Lift Assist Beach Chair
EZ-Lift Assist Beach Chair
P/N 3-040-30
5 Side Extension With Release Lever

5″ Side Extensions with Release Lever

P/N 3-060-08

Access your patients with ease with the 20” wide Skytron tabletop. This allows surgeons and staff great access without leaning over the patient, reducing fatigue and risk of injury. Larger patients may require a wider table surface. To solve this problem, Skytron offers the 5” table side extension creating a 30” wide tabletop for bariatric patients. The 5” side extension will not slide or lift from the side rail and is compatible with standard clamps, armboards, and stirrups.

5 Side Extension With Release Lever
3.5" Side Extension with Release Lever
P/N 3-060-04
3500 3600 Series Table Bari Pad
3500 & 3600 Series Table Bari-Pad
P/N 1-011-12-X

X = Pad Thickness

3500 3600 Series Table Bari Pad
6700 Series Table Bari-Pad
P/N 1-011-13-X

X = Pad Thickness

Lower Back Section

Lower Back Section

P/N 3-040-24

Expand accessibility to your patients during a procedure with the Lower Back Section. Ideal for anesthesiologists, this section gives better access to your patients in tough positions like lower body imaging or lithotomy. Distances can be shortened between the surgeon or staff and the patient with the Lower Back section. Designed for the Skytron 3600 and 6700 series tables.

Shoulder Support
Shoulder Support
P/N 3-040-01
540x620 CL chest amd waist support
Chest and Waist Support
P/N 3-010-01
600x505 CL SingerStarrStacker 600 x 505

Skytron Stacker Lateral Support

Increase patient safety and reduce setup times with the Singer Stacker Lateral Support. This tool makes setting up for cases go smoothly and efficiently while also reducing waste by their reusable abilities. Available in standard or bariatric sizes.

Universal Leg Pad Set
Universal Leg Pad Set
P/N 4-030-66
Skytron foam body support table accessories
Standard Armboard Pad Set
P/N 2-060-06-PM
Skytron Singer Stacker Body Support foam table accessories
Bariatric Armboard Pad Set
P/N 2-060-06-P
Skytron X Wide Armboard
X-Wide Armboard
P/N 2-060-06
540x620 CL 18 Knee Rest
18" Knee Rest
P/N 4-030-10-B
540x620 CL Prone Positioning Frame
Prone Positioning Frame (Cloward Saddle)
P/N 3-070-01 - Standard

P/N 3-070-01-L - Large